Successfully Motivating Quality Improvements for Better Results

by William J. LeGray, of CBLG Associates, March 7, 2011,
as Posted on Cblegray’s, and Workplacestars, WordPress Blogs.

Where’s this all going? What’s it coming to? What can we do to get enough of a grip on the tasks at hand to proceed more directionally correct? At least, to cooperatively collaborate and attempt improvements and upgrades “as a team.”

Once we assess the situation, and ourselves- in terms of surrounding conditions and personal competencies, we have a better basis for interpersonal dialog and group meetings for setting (and resetting) goals and fetching and prioritizing resources.

Over the past few years, I’ve authored a series of inspired and insightful, articles regarding personal, and organizational, issues and matters related to our work-lives. Subjects which appear to be especially of interest are: promoting excellence, being strategic and agile, engaging in deeper interpersonal relationships, energizing effective work patterns, communicating about ways and means for improvement, performing passionately (re our work), etc. And, all of these together, help us to encourage more powerful organizational effectiveness, excellence, and performance.

Taking “all” about the workplace into consideration, everyone generally agrees that being “happy”, or at least satisfied (in one way, or another), provides an overall good feeling. And, perhaps, the aim is to be “lean, smart, and happy.” Plus, people like to be acknowledged for their worth and appreciated for their creative and participative contributions. Further, role clarity and job security are always important matters.

In employment settings, participative goal setting is usually necessary to handle the engagement of peoples competencies for cooperative and informed job performance. And, there are many other success drivers to be considered, such as strategic visioning, resources management, peoples competencies, getting desired concepts-to-the-customer, and the transparency of communications. Extraordinary efforts to promote adequate specificity and responsiveness can result in ever increasing workplace excellence and better outcomes.

Traditionally, many organizations have applied “smarts” for setting goals and responsiveness. And, after many years- of defining roles, responsibilities, procedures, and player positional alignments, a solid organizational foundation is generally present. However, there are always, yet undiscovered, options and opportunities for more improvements and upgrades, increasing workplace excellence, and better results.

– Bill LeGray-

CBLG Associates- Fresh eyes Visioning and Strategies, (
Workplace STARS LLC, Adviser and Service Partner,
( ).

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