SCOPE IT, SCOOP IT, & DO FOLLOW-UPS- with better Supports and Disruptions for Productivity and Health Maintenance.

SCOPE IT, SCOOP IT, & after FOLLOW-UPS (re the In-Between): Read my lips, Show Me the Right Stuff, It shouldn’t have happened, Get it Right, Waste not-Want not, and DO better Supports and Disruptions.

Re the In-Between (details concerning):

Solids, Liquids & Gases; Heat & Light; Wet & Dry; Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, & Human; Food, Beverages, & Shelter; Tools & Clothes; Travel &Transportation; Safety & Security; Social & Physical Environs; and Need Fulfillment Productivity & Health Maintenance.

Body, Mind, Relationships, & Communications; Cultivating Human Growth for successful Fabrications & Constructions; Facilitating Social Tools & Organizations for Learned Knowledge and Physical Tools, Methods, & Equipment for Building; Being better/best Individuals (in Families, Groups, Organizations, & Communities); and our Collective Governing & Governance.

Big Issues: Authorities & Authoritarians and Social-Physical (contagious and/or critical) interactions; Educational Administrations & Career Developers; Plagues & Purges, Shortages & Shortfalls, Overage(s) & Avalanches; Setting & Updating (Changing) of Controlling Assumptions, Methods, Rules, Regulations, and Organizations & the Organizing Principles and Principals re Social-Physical Behaviors.


William ‘Bill’ LeGray, PhDc*
Multi-Talent Team Builder focusing on Collegial Relations for Holistic Togetherness, Transparency & Human-side Visioning-
FEV (FRESH EYES VISIONING) Counselor, w Multifaceted, Opportune Collaborations for TEAM BUILDING.


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