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INSIGHTFUL FRESH EYES VISIONING; to “prop up” Teams & Organizations.

December 2, 2016

INSIGHTFUL FRESH EYES VISIONING; to “prop up” Teams & Organizations.

Published on December 2, 2016.

by Wm J ‘Bill’ LeGray-

a Broad, Multi-functional, RODC/HRD Team Builder- aiming to upgrade “Study-Work-Study” Organizational & Product Insights.


——- ——————  Background  ——————————–

The beginnings of Organization Development in the USA began about the timing of my own beginning (1936). In 1962, I happened to reside where the 1st Consultative Methods Class was offered by the 1st OD Consultant (per arrangements facilitated by the NEA). In 1963, I accepted a fellowship in the 1st Organizational Behavior (OB) grad school program.

My studies and work obligations began to provide an increasingly broader and deeper range of experiences- looking over all the years. My retirement in 2001 conveniently coincided with the development of a highly collaborative Internet Social Media, which greatly enabled a more learned mindful grasp of OB/OD issues and matters. At first there was an OD Network ListServ which involved lively exchanges and meeting new associates. Then, LinkedIn evolved with a goal of facilitating meaningful discussions among practitioners within a very broad range of academic fields and community workplace occupations. Quite naturally, based on the interests of LinkedIn participants, LinkedIn Groups formed up to support collaborative exchanges and participant growth.

I have scanned the list of LI Groups which I presently subscribe to. Over 10 years, I have explored many subjects and have whittled the groups listing down to focus on particular interests (concerning a broad range of OB/OD experiences in industry, business, and government circles). For further focus and to organize copious data, I surveyed the nature of my interest in selected LinkedIn Groups, and prepared a listing of “12 Statements.” Each statement reflects a certain set of discussions and learnings about OB/OD workplace experiences and learnings.


—————————– THE 12 STATEMENTS —————————

1. Studies of HRD “Education & Training” Guidelines & Expenditures, and Benefits obtained with revised Competencies.

2. Reviews of National and Personal Health & Safety Goals, and about abating Disruptions with Suggestions & Planned Actions for Continuous Improvements.

3. Applying Human & Material “Organizational Science Knowledge” for Holistic Systems Thinking- when Planning and conducting Best Practices.

4. NEA refocusing on K-12/ Higher/ Adult/ &Continuing Education processes to optimize Developments for Re-education and for increasing performance yields.

5. Being less Authoritarian & more Collaborative re Industrial, Transportation & Military performances- when securing Operational Successes is especially desirable.

6. Encouraging Resilient and Agile Business responses via better Understandings- by addressing Cultural Beliefs, Attitudes, and Values.

7. Doing Workplace Organizational Assessments re Being, Becoming, & Staying Alive- for actualizing more effective outcomes.

8. Action Learning(s) and Insightfulness for Personality Development, Adult Education, & Re-education- for more well-executed Innovative Implementations.

9. Fostering of Individual & Collective “Spirit of Inquiry”, with insightful Questioning for Continued Learning- within & between Workplace Organizations.

10. Applying Consultative Methods to Improve Workplace Communities, and to propagate broader, and more inclusive, Participations.

11. International, more Global, Networking for Inclusiveness & Sharing of Learned Best Practices- to improve matters and affairs with better Outcomes.

12. Increased focus on Assimilating people’s (narrow &/or broad, specific &/or multiple, competencies) to facilitate Team Building & Organizational Effectiveness.